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Florida’s Secretary of State Kurt Browning speaks during the FHC Scholar Summit on the 2013 Quincentenary.
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In 1513, Ponce de León landed on the east coast of Florida, quite possibly near the very site where the United States now launches its modern-day explorers into space.  In 2013 Floridians will commemorate the 500th year of Spain’s relationship with Florida.  The Florida Humanities Council is designing and developing resources and public programs for this commemoration, which will provide Floridians with a deeper understanding of both the historical context and the cultural significance of Florida’s relationship with Spain.

October 30, 2009 Scholar Summit
Nearly 40 scholars and representatives of cultural organizations were present for a major brainstorming session on FHC’s new initiative on Florida’s upcoming Quincentenary in 2013. Panelists weighed in on panel topics ranging from Colonial Spanish Florida to modern Florida immigration.  The comments will inform FHC’s planning in the years leading up to the Quincentenary and help to shape upcoming Request for Proposals for FHC grants.  Video of panelists’ comments are available on FHC’s YouTube channel at:

Audio Programs

The Florida Humanities Council has sponsored an ongoing series of 2-minute audio programs featuring colorful stories about Florida’s Spanish history. These programs, available on several websites and via Florida public-radio stations, can be accessed here.


In 2010, the Florida Humanities Council awarded grants for scholar research leading to the development of public programs and resources related to the Quincentenary initiative. The Humanities Council also awarded grants for three statewide conferences to be held at the University of Miami Humanities Center, Flagler College, and the University of South Florida. These multiday, interdisciplinary, statewide conferences are expected to be held in 2012. Grants for community-initiated proposals related to the initiative are also currently available. For more information and application materials, click here.

Speakers Bureau

2010:  Beginning in January of 2010 FHC offered a limited Speakers Bureau related to the initiative.  The speakers, listed below, were available for programs through May of 2010. 

• Carrie Sue Ayvar – Stories of Florida – Con Sabor!
• Paul Dosal – Florida and the Caribbean: From Ponce de León
• Paul Dosal - A Weekend in Havana: Tourism between Florida and Cuba in the 1950s
• Chaz Mena – “Charla,” A Chat with José  Martí
• Chaz Mena – Menéndez: Claiming La Florida for King and Cross
• Alex Stepick – Immigration’s Impact on Florida and the U.S.

Teachers Center

2010:  In the summer of 2010 FHC offered its popular teachers seminar “Between Columbus and Jamestown: Spanish St. Augustine.”  Two week-long seminars were offered in St. Augustine.

2011: FHC is expanding the focus of the St. Augustine seminar for the summer of 2011 to explore not just colonial St. Augustine but colonial Florida at large, with special focus on Pensacola and the extensive mission system in northern Florida.

2012-2013:  FHC will continue to offer its Spanish Colonial Florida seminars during the summers of 2012 and 2013.

Forum Magazine

2010/2011:  The Fall 2011 issue of FORUM will focus on the Quincentenary.

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The Gathering

The Florida Humanities Council plans to offer a cultural tour to Spain to explore the 500-year relationship between Florida and her colonial founder.  The itinerary for this scholar-led, FHC-organized trip will likely include visits to the Archives of the Indies in Seville; the town of Aviles – the sister city to St. Augustine, Florida and home of Pedro Menéndez, discoverer of St. Augustine; and the region of Asturias, from which many Florida immigrants of the 20th century originated. 

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The Florida Humanities Council is creating an interdisciplinary website focused on the topic, likely featuring resources for teachers, primary documents, video, audio, and other content related to the many facets of the 500-year relationship between Florida and Spain.


Find ideas for project topics in an essay authored by historian Dr. Gary Mormino (download).

Spanish Colonial St. Augustine Website
Provides content and classroom materials pertaining to Florida’s Spanish colonial heritage. The site includes materials on Native American life, early exploration, settlement, missions, Fort Mose, and much more. Everything on this site — artwork, readings, primary sources, etc. — may be reproduced freely for use in schools.

The World of Florida’s Spanish Colonial Past Poster
This colorful poster booklet, which chronicles Spanish colonial history in Florida in relationship to American history, was created by FHC for use by teachers in the classroom. The 22”x25.5” poster side includes a timeline of Florida history from 1565 to 1821, highlighting major events from the colonial period. The reverse side contains additional information for students to gain a clearer understanding of the Spanish colonial experience in America and frontier life in America’s oldest city, St. Augustine

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Forum Magazine Spring 2005
This 2005 issue of our popular magazine Forum explores “St. Augustine: An Ancient City in a State of Change.”  To download, click here.